In the deep blue sky are millions of stars,And on this green land are only a few stars,
To know more about the twinklin star,we all gape using a telescope,
To know more about this shinning star. All you have is my blogspot in your scope

Welcome to the ROMANTIC brackets of { Vinuthan }

Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Favourites & My Likes

My favourite Flower: Parijat Flower

This is an awesome flower. This was the favorite of Lord Krishna. The smell is cool and it falls in the night.

My favorite animal:
Cow and Calf
Sweet Dog

Coin collection

With stamp collection, other hobby of mine is coin collection. My collection includes both coins and notes. Though my collection is not that vast as stamps, it is fairly OK to say.. I will upload the pics of my collection when i go home next time. not sure where it is dumped....

few of the coins are african coins where there is a hole in between. the reason i had found then for the hole in the coin is, it seems these coins where used to purchase milk. so women used to insert into an rod like structure in the coin and place all the coins...(kind of how my dad puts all the bills. He has this string tied to kitchen window. he makes a small hole in the bill and hangs it there.

please wait for the picture's. will upload it soon.............and also do share any coins or notes of various countries if its lying waste in your houses...


Philately is the name given for the hobby of collecting stamps. This is one of nice hobbies that i had during my childhood. My mom had few stamps (probably it was her hobby then...) and then i started collecting as well. I used to collect by exchanging stamps with friends....

Exchanging strategies were fun :)
Exchanging were based on the rarity, shapes, country and the year. Based on these parameters they were tagged as "Rare".

Criteria for tagging a stamp as Rare:
If the stamp is of Triangle or Round Shape. If the stamp is of some country that is not commonly known and is tough to get If the stamp is having a printing errors or is upside down (This is of highest rarity) If the stamp is very old like 1600 years etc

Here is how exchange is done
I rare stamp with 1 other rare stamp 1 rare stamp with a common country but with different shape 1 rare stamp with multiple common countries that other person do not have common stamps with other common stamps 1 rare stamp with multiple rare damaged stamp Generally no damaged stamps are collected

I have 70 countries stamp of the around 200 countries Australia,Austria,Belgium,Brunei,Brazil,Burma,Bangladesh,Canada,CAMBODIA (KAMPUCHIA), China,Cyprus,Cuba,Ciskei,Chekoslvakia,Denmark,England,Ethiopia,Egypt,France,Republic of Guinea,Hongkong,Hungary (magyar posta),Haiti,India,Indonesia,Iran,Iraq,Italia,Jordon Japan,Kenya,Kuwait,Korea,Uganda,Tanganyika,Liberia,Liban,Libya,Loas,Malta,Malaysia Nepal,Nigeria,Nederland,Newzealand,Oman,Philippines,Poland,Pakistan,Qatar,Russia,Romania Sweden,Sudan,Singapore,Seychelles,Spain,Srilanka,Saudi Arabia,Somalia,South africa Switzerland,São Tomé and Príncipe,Turkey,Thailand,UAE,USA,Venezuela,Yemen,Zambia

I have as usual the rectangle, square and the rare triangle and rhombus shape stamps. I yet do not have a round stamp.

Just out of Interest, these are the 201 countries of the world Afghanistan,Albania,Algeria,Andorra,Angola,Antigua and Barbuda,Argentina,Armenia,Australia,Austria ,Azerbaijan,Bahamas,Bahrain,Bangladesh,Barbados,Belarus,Belgium,Belize,Benin,Bhutan,Bolivia,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Botswana,Brazil,Brunei,Bulgaria,Burkina Faso,Burma,Burundi, Cambodia,Cameroon, Canada,Cape Verde,Central African Republic,Chad,Chile,China,Colombia,Comoros,Congo (Brazzaville),Congo (Kinshasa),Costa Rica,Cote d'Ivoire,Croatia,Cuba,Cyprus,Czech Republic,Denmark,Djibouti,Dominica,Dominican Republic,East Timor (see Timor-Leste) Ecuador,Egypt,El Salvador,Equatorial Guinea,Eritrea,Estonia,Ethiopia,Fiji, Finland,France,Gabon, Gambia,Georgia,Germany,Ghana,Greece,Grenada,Guatemala,Guinea,Guinea-Bissau,Guyana,Haiti,Holy See,Honduras,Hong Kong, ,Hungary,Iceland,India,Indonesia,Iran,Iraq,Ireland, Israel,Italy,Jamaica, Japan,Jordan,Kazakhstan,Kenya ,Kiribati ,Korea North,Korea South,Kosovo,Kuwait,Kyrgyzstan, Laos,Latvia ,Lebanon ,Lesotho ,Liberia ,Libya ,Liechtenstein ,Lithuania ,Luxembourg ,Macau Macedonia,Madagascar,Malawi,Malaysia,Maldives,Mali,Malta,Marshall islands,Mauritania,Mauritius, Mexico,Micronesia,Moldova ,Monaco ,Mongolia ,Montenegro,Morocco ,Mozambique ,Namibia ,Nauru ,Nepal ,Netherlands ,Netherlands Antilles, NewZealand,Nicaragua,Niger,Nigeria,North Korea ,Norway ,Oman ,Pakistan ,Palau ,Palestinian Territories,Panama,Papua New Guinea,Paraguay,Peru, Philippines,Poland, Portugal,Qatar, Romania,Russia,Rwanda,Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,Samoa,San Marino,Sao Tome and Principe,Saudi Arabia,Senegal,Serbia Seychelles ,Sierra Leone,Singapore,Slovakia ,Slovenia ,Solomon Islands ,Somalia ,South Africa ,South Korea,Spain,Sri lanka,Sudan,Suriname, Swaziland,Sweden,Switzerland, Syyria,Taiwan,Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand,Timor-Leste,Togo Tonga,Trinidad and Tobago,Tunisia,Turkey,Turkmenistan ,Tuvalu,Uganda,Ukraine,United Arab Emirates,United Kingdom Uruguay,Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Venezuela,Vietnam,Yemen,Zambia,Zimbabwe

I am planing to start collecting stamps again....If anyone wishes to go for an exchange or wish to give me stamps...please let me know....200 is still far to reach..

Lines of a soft corner

Lines of a soft corner

Life in shadows

With a hole too hollow

Glittering are billions of star

And all I need is one star

My arms are open all the while

Come; touch my love with a smile

If you think I don’t have the ability

You sure can change my personality

Don’t let me down my darling

Else my heart will stop beating

Can you be the one, in my life?

Or I shall be lost in the sky

[Lines of a soft corner is a romantic poem written when in college....to impress all the girls]

My Book My Life

My Book, My Life

In my Book with every word written

Has only your picture hidden?

In my Book with every page turn

Has only you in my concern

In my book, in my life

The words I scream, the angel I dream

In my book with few pages to write

There are many moments of delight

In my book are moments which I relish

Only to say that life without you will perish

In my book, in my life

Pages hidden behind covers, love hidden beneath eyes

In my book with every end of line

There is a hope of you being mine

In my book if any pages are torn

Is like all my dreams are broken

In my book, in my life

You are the source to write, you are the source of light

In my book pages turn as wind blow

In my life only you make my face glow

In my book with every page the story strengthens

In my life with every second my love deepens

In my book, in my life

Sentence dies without words, happiness disappears without you

[My Book My Life: dedicated to ALL my friends one sided love ]

Blood for Tears

Blood for tears

When thunder struck deep within my soul

Out sprung the blood of love

So steep and sharp was the prick

None could stop from it to strip

As there was blood for tears

Craters of bloodstone fell

As night came down with touch of evils bell

When screaming in full moon darkness

Hiding was the stars n’ moon in black dress

When there was blood for tears

None, but pain

When my body was to drain

Down I fell raising my arms

Tender heart falling in Gods palms

As there was blood for tears

None, none to cry

My love laid all-dry

What who and how was I

Was the mystery in deep blue sky?

So was the blood for tears

[Blood for Tears was written in my 8th grade when i used to hear a lot of metal, GNR stuff...To all guys who stupidly sacrificed their blood (common scene in colleges)...for all the love cycos:) and not for the freeks]

My Paintings

These are the paintings i have done..

These days I do more of charcoal paintings. The other kinds of paintings that i also do are Oil Paintings and Water color paintings. I need to learn Knife painting also yaar (my sister does it well). Kind of paintings that I do are landscape's and animals. Recently i have also tried faces (using charcoal painting). Next time I need to learn drawing Cartoons.

I have no favorite painters...it started as hobby and I do when i am in mood. But i always appreciate people who draw faces in couple of minutes just by him being in front of him.

Some good paintings i have gifted to may friends and sadly i have picture's taken of those....

Keep looking....some more paintings to come

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hall of Fame

These are the who belong to my hall of fame for the impact they make in terms of their presence....


For being a good friend and for being with tough and happy times

My Parents

First for bringing me to this world and rest is unexplainable

My Sister

Again unexplainable and the best person to be around

My Teachers
For sharing knowledge and bringing discipline


PICTURE : I need to collage all my friends pic. :)
Hemanth Palan, Vijendra Aithal, Sunil, GK,Nischal, Deepak Rao, Sudheendra Hebbar
Rahul, Venita

dudes are the ones who tolerate all you nonsense and be with u forever

Jagadeesh, Anand Srinivasan, Rajesh, Madhu, Rajendra, Mahesh bakta, Sridhar Tengavelu

Those who guided me post my studies

Elite Colleagues

Sachin Tendulkar (Cricket)
Conduct: For the way he has carried himself with so much fan following and a true genius and brand ambassador

Mahatma Gandhi (Freedom fighter)
For giving us freedom

Lance Amstrong (cycling)
For the fighting spirit and never say die attitude

Vishwanathan Anand (Chess)
For simplicity and concentration

Amitabh Bachan (Actor)

For sheer entertainment and bringing smile in millions

Rahul Dravid (Cricket)
For determination and sacrifices he made to become a true team man

Ratan Tata (Entrepreneurship)

For his dreams. For bringing India in global map.

Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Lary Page (Google founders)

For making an impact in common people's life with the technology

Mother Theresa (Social service)

For social service and humanity

Sir Vishweswaraiya (Engineer)
Father of Indian Engineering

Voice your feelings

This is one another instance that i still remember and cherish within me...it makes me lost too....This incidence happened sometime just after my engineering. I was going for GRE training class in Bangalore and stayed in my aunt's house in vasanthnagar (near to the mount Carmel college). This place is the coolest plays in Bangalore other than jayanagar and mg road for a bachelor engineer to be in. The crowd of Carmel college was hmmmm......

i had the classes at 4pm and i used to catch a bus at a nearby place. That day it was raining heavily and i was standing in the bus stand. As it was afternoon, not many people were around. It suddenly started raining very heavily with gusty wind.And here was a calf stuck between. The poor and cute calf started missing its mom in the gusty wind. It required its mom's shelter and cried tirelessly calling its mom. Seeing the site na....i was completely lost. Couple of buses passed by and i never realized it. I was in pain seeing the plight and started praying, wish its mom listen. Wish god sends that special message to its mother. after around 1o min, the Cow its mother came running. Seeing its mother the calf started cuddling like anything. It was full of joy and its mom started giving love (as animals do) so much. It was really touching yaar. And first thing is i thanked god. It was still raining and both the cow and calf went to the nearby tree to take shelter.

Later i took the bus and went to the class. I was completly lost for couple of days remembering the incidence. Even today i am lost when i remember the incidence. I made me realise the beautiful gift the GOD has given "ability to talk". We as a human, can atleast voice our concerns. We have so many media via which we can share our thoughts and concerns. Like my blog article.

So lets voice our concern in the right way and not just that, talk politely and caringly with respect (which is tough :) )

And also our sweet sweet mother. No one in the world can be as caring as our mother.
She would take all the pain in the world and never let us know... and i guess during our college and learnning days, we get more irritated by her advice rather than appreciating.

Well Cow and Calf is also my favorite animal........

Cow, Calf and a Tiger

One of most emotional classes of my child hood was probably 3rd standard. I do not exactly remember the class. I guess it should be 3rd. This was a Kannada song that we had in our textbooks of Kannada language (language of karnataka). I guess the name of the song is "PunyaKoti". This was a song on Cow, Calf and Tiger. The song starts like "dharani mandala madya dolage....". the tone of the song was so touching and the story the teacher narrated was so emotional that at the end of the 1 hr class, i was crying.....:)
The story of the poem goes like this...(I remember we used to have a subject called Moral Science. This book was cool and my favorite subject as it had very nice short stories. Not sure whether we have it now) Enjoy the story
(taken from some article googlin)

It happened in a town called Karaamati (Or Teraavati, according to a different version). There lived a cow by name Ganga with a calf. Nearby was a forest, wherein lived a tiger. The cruel animal thrived on eating one cow each day. Everyday the cows would decide whose turn would be.
And the day arrived, when the turn of Ganga came. She gave a promise to the tiger that she would ready to be its prey for the day, but sought permission to come back after meeting the car and sisters for the last time. The tiger agreed.
And Ganga visited the manger for the last time. And she moved towards the forest area where the hungry tiger was waiting for the cow of the day. She wanted to see her calf for one more time, as she wanted to pour her love as much as possible. Ganga asks her sisters to take care of the calf during her absence. As soon as she reached home, Ganga hugged held the calf in her bosom, and told that no more milk will be available for the little one. The calf was innocent and anxious, and therefore asked what is the reason. Ganga explained that she is going to be eaten by the tiger and would not come back. The little calf offered to go in place of the mother, so that the tiger will have its food for the day, and mother can live on. But Ganga would not agree. She said that she is committed to the tiger for her turn on that day, and has to keep up the word. The little one insists to be eaten by the tiger in place of the mother cow. And Ganga again emphasizes on the promise made. Finally both the mother cow and calf together walk up to the tiger. As she was putting her steps on and on, her sisters, aunts and other relatives also followed her, to bid her farewell.
It was a touching moment. Tears rolled from the eyes of the cows. The tiger was looking on to the crowd of cows, the hugging scene and the dialogue that took place between the sister-cows. Even the tiger’s heart moved a bit and had a change of mind. It is said that the tiger decided not to eat the cows anymore, as the feeling of motherly love and care touched him closely. Tiger remarks that Ganga would be his sister, and the calf therefore becomes his niece. “Let us live together in peace” - the final statement of the tiger pulled the curtains down for the episode.
Like many other stories, this also is a moral story with a lesson. The lesson of love, tolerance, Non-violence (Ahimsa). Love between mother and child. Affection among sisters and relatives. Non-violence that the cows followed. Ahimsa that the tiger observed upon change of heart. The virtue of keeping up a promise is also demonstrated here. Sacrificing spirit of the little calf to take over mother’s place at a deadly moment is worth noticing. And the mother’s willingness to forgo the world to protect and save her baby too.
hope no one has cried at the end of the narration

Book Cricket

when i was kid, one thing that made my world was playing. And my parents rightly gave me all the freedom. I was also good in studies also as my sweet sister would motivate me (she was some kind of rare brains. always a topper). I used to think all the time about playing. And at 5 pm in the evening we friends use to gather in the ground near by. I was lucky enough to have 1o of my classmates in the same colony and also lucky enough to have the school very near my house (about 10 min walk) and also lucky enough to have a huge ground near by. I remember my mom praying as to when will i loose interest in sports whenever there was exams :).

My mom and dad used to not allow me to play and so did parents of my friend during exams. But as my smart from my childhood days, i used to find innovative ideas to play. This is one among them. The book cricket.

Take a book with lots of pages.
Act as if you are reading the book :)
Now have a book and pen down the team members name.
As usual have a toss so decide who has to bat
Now open the book.
The page number of the page on right side decides on what the status of the ball is.
Every open of the book is a ball bowled.
The right side of the page always as an even page number 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 etc
2, 4, 6 and 8 are the runs. 8 is 1 run
0 means OUT
for page number 12, 112 etc consider only the last number (here 2)

rest of the rules are same as rules of cricket example: when 1 run is taken the other batsman gets to bat. when 6 balls are over, the next bowler can be considered etc

So this is another form of cricket which i used to enjoy, get addicted to and freek
entire book used to get over. tournaments would be played. world cup cricket would be played etc.

I used to always have my favorite player score some runs....How is that...Guess
Then my favorite player used to be Dean Jones. Simply because he was cool and one of the nest players of one day and a front foot player

Hope i am not spoiling others who read at work place

French Cricket

French Cricket is one of types of cricket we used to play when I was in grade 4th to 8th. We used to play during our lunch time. The reason :) we used to not get the bat, ball and wicket from our PT teachers.
So do we make the bat.....we used to have a broken bench wooden bat like piece. We used to keep this safe and hidden from the teachers so that they do not put it back to the store, So this was our bat. Then we used either bring the tennis ball in the pocket or make a paper ball. So we had all that we wanted.

OK....here is the rule of cricket.

  • Have a bat , a ball, a team with few players :), and a small place
  • Now mark a circle (1 ft: as much as one can stand)
  • Now a person from the batting team comes and then stands within the circle
  • All the members of fielding team are bowlers here. To start with one person can start from a certain point that we decide to throw the ball. (say from about a distance of 6-7 ft)
  • The bowler need to do an under arm bowling
  • And a batsman is considered to be OUT, if the ball touches the leg below the knee or a one pitch catch (for ball that pitches) or by any chance if he goes outside the circle
  • The batsman is suppose to guard his knee and make runs
  • Oh....i forgot how to make runs....Once the batsman hits the ball he needs to rotate the bat around him. completion of one round is a RUN, Batsman can rotate till the fielder completes the throw action
  • Fielder who throws is the current bowler
  • So what if the batsman forever guards his legs....(we used to have some time span for a team). if the ball gets lost or any delay is tracked. This is normally the area where we used to have fights
Tips and Tricks.
Place a bowler just behind the batsman, make the bowler throw in such a way that the
batsman misses and the batsman is exposed in danger.

This was a really nice cute title game. Wish we could still play in the company :)

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