In the deep blue sky are millions of stars,And on this green land are only a few stars,
To know more about the twinklin star,we all gape using a telescope,
To know more about this shinning star. All you have is my blogspot in your scope

Welcome to the ROMANTIC brackets of { Vinuthan }

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Poem written by me...when TSUNAMI attacked

Mysterious Sea

Staring at the ocean, with a cup of tea
World seems to end, as sky meets the sea
From ages she lies lonely, calm and cold
With all her romantic stories untold

The tides rise and fall at great height
To everyone’s delight there is no end to this beautiful sight
Birds of sea fly in the early morning,
With the sound of wind, one can find her dancing,

Streams of water flow through the land
Touching each n every mankind
Does the sky gift her with the golden ring?
As sun comes down every evening

Suddenly deep down her soul was a quake
We not know the reasons for heavens sake
Out she came with a voice from deep
Taking away all in their silent sleep

Before one could even blink
Down where they to sink
Gone are they, without a word being uttered
As dreams of many are shattered

All the years, she looked like an undisturbed angel
Suddenly she is angry and difficult to handle
Like the sky shed tears through rain
All here are in deep sorrow pain

Thousand lay with deep miseries
Let us forget our small worries
Here we are billions of candles, to give them light
For all the survivors in plight

Please do not get angry my queen
Forgive us for any mistakes unseen
Hey my deep blue sea, please do not be serious
We still love you, though u lie mysterious

[Mysterious Sea was written when Tsunami attached the coasts of India. It describes how the silent sea could someday get angry]

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